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The problem of too many people

So we had another sissy game night tonight and it went over okay with a few bumps and bruises. It ended up that this was the largest gathering of chicago sissies ever. We had a final tally of 9 of us showing up, 8 sissies (Me, Kat, Woo, Oats, Trip, Jaz, Frig, and Spooks) and Nate upon who Oats bestowed the sissyname of Nutter even though he's never been on the site.

In the past, the problem has always been finding a time and date where enough people could show up for one of these things and this time it was the complete reverse. Most of the games I have are only supposed to accomidate 6 people max. With the three extra we had to change the rules a bit and it became incredibly long to get through even short games. We ended up running through a game of Bang!, an unbelievably long one of zombies!!! that never finished, and around 3/4s of a game of illuminati before things broke up. Compare this to when Jaz, Trip, Kat, and I got together a couple weeks ago where in the same amount of time I think we ran through at least a half dozen different things. I really should learn from these experiences. Each time I go to one of these things loaded down like a sherpa. I wouldn't be surprised if I was carrying at least 15 pounds of games with another 20 pounds strapped to my back and in the end, I could have gotten away with bringing something that would have fit in a small plastic bag. I always want to give peopel a choice of what they want to play but it seems that it's more or less the same small number of options each time. The one thing I do regret is we didn't get to do diplomacy this time around. There's one game that could use a bunch of people involved and we never even got close to giving it a try. In my opinion, out of all the things we've tried at these events, that was the most fun overall.

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