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Trip says ditto

I had a very bad night of sleep and I kept dreaming about the weirdest crap. I told myself to remember it, but it's all fading by now. All I can remember, is that trip was dying. I think it had something to do with his bowels exploding or something else like that. As I recall, no on would believe it because they thought it was part two of the whole trip in jail thing. Somehow, I could still communicate with him so I became like his and candi's whoopy golberg from the movie ghost. Man it was weird. I know there was more to it but I jus can't remember any more. Thankfully, if there was some sort of pot throwing scene, I don't recall it.

I just feel all muddleheaded and even sore as if I was put into a large tumble drier and spun around a few times during the night.

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