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Primordial Soup

Welp, I finally got a chance to play primordial soup at tonight's board game meetup. in the end, sewtipsy was the only one who showed and we had a pleasant time with the usual suspects who turn up. In the end, I won but she had been leading for almost all of the game except the very beginning and the last couple turns at the end. It went so well that I really would love to give it another run soon if I can. It's a pretty simple game where you play amoeba who must consume food and can buy various genes to help them. These genes either make their lives easier by allowing them to mvoe more freely or allow other adaptations such as the ability to eat less food, less variety of food, or even eat other people's amoeba as food. The goal is to try to keep your own amoeba alive as well as keeping your genes active so you can score victory points at the end of each round.

What you found is that everyone comes up with a gene combination strategy pretty soon. Well, three of us did anyway. The fourth was a girl who seemed new to gaming in general and she sort of plodded her away along to a distant last place.

Gideon went for amoeba of super offense and super defense.

Sew went for versitility in eating and long life.

I went for versatility in movement.

Food is abundant at first and is represented by colorful little wooden blocks of various colors. Each amoeba has to eat one of the other three colors and then if successful at eating, will excrete two of its own color. Both sew and I left huge islands of our excrement that nothing could survive in. When an amoeba died, it turns into food for the others. Lotsa fun. It's a german import, and I know there's an expansion avaliable in germany for 5-6 players. I really hope that it makes its way to the US eventually. If not, it might just be one game I have to buy regardless and look for an english translation somewhere.

On a sidenote, I'm currently listening to watership down by richard adams right now on the mp3 player. I just realized that the smart scientific rabbit in the book is named blackberry. Coincidence? I doubt it. I'd wager donuts to dollars that's where the idea for the PDA name came from.

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