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All is blackness and despair. There will be no dawn for middle earth.

Woot! The shadow claimed victory once again. It was a much closer game this time around. It came down to drawing a random tile from a pool of six and only one would corrupt and kill the ring bearers on the cusp of mount doom. I got lucky and all was well with the world.

On another plus side my back is feeling a bit better too. As long as I don't manage to kink it up sometime during the night, it should be as good as new in the morning I think. I'm also still listening to watership down. Right now, bigwig is in the evil facist warren and trying to plot with the other does to escape. I think I heard once that Adams wrote a sequel to watership down that wasn't nearly as good. Someone also said that all of his other efforts in writing anything were lackluster at best. I wonder which is worse....hitting the jackpot with a work that is loved by millions and never being able to reach anything close to that again, or to have a more staid but consistant career.

Oh, and Dannnnyboy sent me another gibbering PM. What a fucking moron. I think Kat hit it right on the nose about this whole thing. You can't even get upset about the deal, he's so pathetic. Still, it's been ages since I hit something with my flail. Maybe I'll do the world a favor in a few weeks.

From: Dannnn
Received: 3/2/05
5:20 PM
If i bring my star teck and lord of the rings games will you play them with me when i come to Chicago????? I have a cool club that only Teckies belong to and you have to pretend you're an alien to get in. I'll show you the secert handshake and we can talk about star wars!! It will be so much fUn!!111

p.s. i know you're weakness is food so i'll buy some but you only get it if you join my cool cool club!!!!

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