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Defcon 1!!

Martha Stewart is out of prison and on the rampage again! Lock your doors, load your shotguns (if the fucking hippies haven't taken them from you), and be scared....very very scared. I couldn't sleep last night and spent some time figuring out my schedule for Origins, a gaming convention I went to last year that takes place in columbus. It was a nice experience and I'm really looking forward to it. It just seems you can't fit enough games into a day at one of those things. Last year I went solo and didn't know a soul. This year, I've at least met a few people online who are going and I'm still entertaining some mild hopes that a friend from jersey will come along. It's not a big hope since he's not a big gamer and he's all pussywhipped, but it's possible I guess.

On the cable news networks it was all martha all the time. They were lined up outside the prison, followed her in news choppers, were waiting at her private plane, and then had her home staked out. By the time I finally went to bed around 7am, they were still cehcking in with the reporters waiting outside her mansion. What exactly did they think she was going to do, come out and dance a happy jig?

Did anyone else know that power rangers cartoons are still on the air? Christ...the damn thing has the survival ability of a cockroach. I thought it was dead years and years ago.

Oh, and man was I wrong about the back thing. Somehow I made it worse. It sucks like crazy.

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