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The Bird of Peace and Baby Huey

It was a packed and fun day after a shaky sort of start. We ran into some organizational and communication problems but everything worked itself out in the end. The idea had been to go to dave and busters during the day with some people from the lab and then catch dinner with Mock and friends at Fogo de Chao. It turned out however that reservations for the damn resturant have to be made days head of time in order to get a decent hour. By last night, the only times they still had avaliable for reservations was 4pm or 10pm. Not exactly prime dinner eating hours no matter how you twist it. While trying to contact everyone to figure out what to do for dinner plans instead of Fogo, or if a really really late or really really early dinner would fly, I got a call from one of the Lab people saying that she had to cancel on the trip to D&B. That turned the trio into a duo and D&B is really a more the merrier sort of place. Unbelievably craploads of phonetag later, it was decided that Ann and I would go grab some lunch and that everyone else, trip and candy included, would come to dave and busters for dinner and gaming.

In the end, the only snafu was that oats was nowhere to be found. She had wanted me to give her a ring on her cell before we left for dinner and I wasn't able to reach her. I left a page but my phone is crappy enough that it's always possible she called back and the damn thing just didn't register it.

Dinner was fine and dandy and who dosen't love playing battletech. We ran through a total of four games, one with Mock and company, and then three more after dinner once Trip and Candy got there. Trip actually won the last game on points while he and I tied for kills. Not bad from someone whose only battletech claim to fame to this point was getting shot in the crotch repeatedly.

So who wants to see pictures?

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