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So this is actually from....two weeks ago. I ended up snapping a few pictures at each of these get togethers and never got around to popping them up until now. I wasn't even sure I was going to bother until quartzie said she wanted to see them. It's usually just not worth the effort really. It takes quite a while to download everything from the camera, edit and rename all the files, send them up to photobucket, and then to link and caption everything. But, since I've got notta better to do at the moment and at least one person wanted to see it, here it is.

So this was the biggest sissy game night ever of just chicago people. With the exception of Beef, Burnout, and Sew it roped in everyone else. Usually when we do one of these things we get around 4-5 sissies and then some extraneous people like spouses and whatnot. This time around we had 7 sissies and nate, who was baptized with an official sissy name. Frankly, I've already forgotten what the hell it was. If you're curious just scroll back in my journal around 2 week snad it should be there somewhere. Nappy? Nutter? Whatever.

Raar! Zombies!!! with expansions. We had never run it at a meet before and there were way too many people for it to be a short game. I'd never run into a situation at one of these with too many people and we inched slowly toward an eventual end. I don't have to say who is who, right? If you're reading and looking at this I assume you already know the usual suspects.

A closeup of the game board as we all run around a town drenched in zombies.

The stranger between Woo and Trip is Nate.

Woot! Killer bunnies shirt.

Spooks concentrating very hard about his next move.

Game's still not over? Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

The game of Bang! went faster but I don't have any pictures of that. What always happens is I tend to pull out the camera whenever it occurs to me and then a half dozen shots later, I put it aside and forget about it. It's not exactly a smooth progression for the night.

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