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A gift for me? You shouldn't have. No...I mean it. You really shouldn't have.

So a week after the last game night we got together again. This time it was a slightly smaller group without Nate and Woo. Sew was also able to make it this one for the first time which was interesting in and of itself. She was a nice and friendly person and we all liked her. I had some qualms since it's hard to imagine what sort of softskulled chucklehead would get within view of Dannn, much less willingly do so. Well, maybe that's not quite true. You just have to stay out of hearing distance. That's when I assume his gibbering idiocy attack becomes unbearable. So of course we all asked her what it was all about, mostly fishing to see if it were some sort of hoax or experiment she was running for shits and giggles. She denied it, but it could be she just dosen't trust us with her secret plan as of yet.

Anyway, it was a pretty pleasant evening overall, though oats did complain a little that the spooklet left chocolate in her bedroom and crumbs all over the bed. Spooks brought the wee one with him both this time and last and he was more or less banished to oat's bedroom for most of the night. He had a gameboy DX with him and the tv turned to the cartoon network each time, but it's never much fun being by yourself when just a few feet away there's a group doing things that looks much more interesting.

It was hard for me to even remember what we played before I took another look at the pictures. We took a run through a different zombies!!! game. This time fighting zombie dogs instead of normal zombies and running through the woods. I had to hear endless complaints about how no one liked it as much as the other version. Feh. It's not like it's easy to always have a spiffy game lined up. I'm sure some people would prefer to simply play the same thing over and over but I think it's nice when you can try new things. This whole series of game nights has give me one valuable thing, a rating scale for how difficult a new game is to learn. I figure it would run something like this:

*: Even Oatmeal would understand this game
**: Oatmeal gives you repeated puzzled looks but understands after trying it
***: Oatmeal listens to the rules and then leans over to candi saying 'I have no idea what the heck is going on, do you?'. She then tries it and remains confused until the end.
****: Oatmeal's head explodes after hearing the rules.
*****: Oatmeal's head explodes after simply seeing all the game pieces.

I think this can be a handy new code to rank games for new players. I should contact a few people and see if they want to adopt my system. Of course, I'd have to have them play a game or two with Oats first so they can get a feel for the ratings.

Everyone eating italian beef hoagies and playing with zombie dogs.

Kat giving me a patently evil look. Humph. And I haven't even taken any crazy drunk pictures of her lately.

Oats during a game of Bang!

See no evil, shoot the sheriff.

That's sew there at the end. I'm not sure if everyone has seen a picture of her before.

As we were getting all set to leave, Frig had a present to give me. There's actually a semi-long story to this whole thing.....

Yep, it's a giant can of pork and beans.

So a year or two ago when frig first showed up we had a game night where he told us how he was a poor college student and could barely afford food and whatnot. The next time we were due to get togehter I was walking out of my building and someone had recently moved. They ended up leaving bits of odds and ends for other people to scavenge, a few items of which consisted of giant 10 pound cans of things like peas and pork and beans. They must've shopped at some sort of resturant supply store or something. Anyway, I figured waste not want not and that can could feed frig for a week. So I carted the damn thing with me and presented it to him at the sissy meet.

The next time we got together I inquired as to how were the pork and beans. He proceeded to tell me that he had tossed it because it was expired. EXPIRED!!! Giant cans of pork and beans don't farging expire! Our grandkids could crack this damn thing open in 80 years and it would still be pretty much the same as it would be now. If I recall, it was only expired by a month or two too. Feh. It just shows that he's not really hungry because otherwise he would have eaten it.

So I didn't expect to see the can again. It turns out that he and his friends had saved it, deciding to toss it off the roof of some building eventually. It's the circle of life and all, and now it's mine again. I'm thinking about knocking a hole in it and pouring out the contents. Then all I need is to make the can a little plaid skirt, give it arms and legs, some yarn hair and I figure we can pass it around much like people have done with the Can of Otter. Hey JuJu, if you're reading this, want to volunteer for the crafty side of it? I can mail you the can and you can tinker with it :P. I'd be happy to pay for any materials, ecspecially if it meant I wouldn't have to fumble around with it myself.

I think frig is regretting the fact that he gave it back to me. No doubt he's imagining in his head the size of the splat it would have made if he did get around to chucking it off a roof.

Big smiles, girls. Big smiles.

I think this is oat's orangatang impression.

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