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I have more jews than you!

So Oats was showing me some of her books last night and in one of them there was a picture of a game that was kicking around before WWII called Juden Raus (Jews Out). I found a Boardgamegeek entry for it along with a bunch of other contraversial offerings from game manufacturers.

A sort of amalgam of Monopoly and Halma created by the Nazis as propaganda, where the objective was to collect as many Jews as you could, and get them off the board. The pieces were little pawns wearing pointed medieval Jewish hats; the players moved them by rolling dice; the child winning was the one whose Jews scurried out, 'off to Palestine!' through the gates of a walled city.

Well, still better than if you were shipping them off to ovens or concentration camps. Of course, it's still a good number of years before the whole Final Solution got thought up.

In the same vein, here's another game that was put out in the almost teh exact same time period in the US.

Darkies in the Melon Patch

Early Americana Snakes and Ladders style game depicting misrepresented stereotypical images of Blacks in the 30's. Reach the end space first by rolling a die and avoiding pitfall spaces.

Anyone else hear a banjo playing in the background? Heh. I think it'd be pretty spiffy to own both of these. I'm sure they're collectable since it'd be next to impossible to find a copy that wasn't destroyed. I doubt many people kept either around as a coffee table game after the time period.

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