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Sleepy now

Nothing interesting the past couple days. I seem to spend an inordinate amount of the time feeling tired and sleepy, but when I actually fall asleep I wake up a few hours later. The family should be arriving sometime tommorrow night which means I'll need to give the apartment a once over and straight up some of the mess. I'm looking forward to lunch at fogo de chao on Friday. I just couldn't get the reservations for the whole saturday thing. The place is just too damn popular. Even making the reservation almost a week ahead of time the only time they had avaliable on saturday was 5 or 9. So instead, the family and I will be going there for lunch and we'll have the big get together on saturday at the parthenon. It looks like it'll be a pretty big crowd. We've got 14 so far with one kid and who knows who else will decide to show up. Oats and some others are still on the fence.

I've had the pictures from dave and busters uploaded for a while now but I just haven't felt the motivation to put them into the LJ and caption the mess. I'll try to get to it before tommorrow night. Once the family gets here I doubt I'll find the time.

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