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Server Status
If you're a free user on the Filetmignon cluster (Where am I?) I'm sure you've seen the on-and-off read-only messages the past couple weeks.

While we enjoy the conspiracy theories that 6A is doing this to extract more money from free users, the truth is much less exciting. What actually happened is that we overloaded Filetmignon and while we had another database cluster ready to load onto, we didn't, because we were in the process of developing a powerloss test suite for our drive arrays.

Where are you?

henwy is on Filetmignon.

Well, that explains a few things I guess. I'm still not quite sure I don't buy into the conspiracy theory though.

So the family arrived and right now there's off sleeping away while I tap tap tap here in the dark. Pah, people and their normal schedules. There has been one great boon from them being here. In cleaning up the clutter I found where I put my killer bunny promo cards from 2002!!!!!! I can barely express how thrilled that makes me, ecspecially since these cards go for around 75 dollars a pop on ebay. I now have a complete set of everything they ever released. It turns out that not only did I have a djarnak, but I also got a bunnies eleven card that I had totally forgotten about.

I had managed to trade one of my conchs for a djarnak with someone on the gencon site but now this means I've got two. Weeee! That brings my promo card list to:

Well, shit...the box I had it in is missing. I can't see all that well in the dark here so it looks like I'm going to have to forgoe the exact listing until later. Feh.

Anyway, if any of you are interested in exactly which promo cards exist, there's a handy dandy list and desciprtion of them here. I wonder how much I could sell a complete set for....if the djarnak and bunnies eleven are going for 75 bucks a pop, I figure having a complete mint set might reel in at least 250.

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