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Omega Series

Omega 01 - Bunny's Eleven
Allows a player to steal the winnings from any opponent who is successful at either the Carrot Top Casino or Casino Royale (Orange Booster Deck). A roll of 7 or 11 doubles the winnings.

I've got 1

Omega 02 - The Djarnak
May be placed between any two adjacent players and prevents each from using any aggressive cards (cards with a pink box) against each other.

The Djarnak may be eliminated by a Barrier (Red Booster Deck) placed over it.

Aggressive cards such as Weapons may not be placed directly on any of the opponent's bunnies on the other side of the Djarnak. However, a weapon that effects adjacent bunnies may effect the opponent if he is within range.

I've got 2

Omega 03 - Go With The Flo
Allows a player to exchange any saved Special (or Very Special) card for Carrot #04 (Flo).

Flo just happens to be bunnies creator Jeffrey Bellinger's favorite Carrot. Now some would say that he wrote this card just so that he could always get Flo. But in truth, Flo is the most valuable Carrot since the owner is entitled to one free feeding during any particular game. Have you ever noticed that Flo is carrying a Large Prune Danish?

I've got 4

Omega 04 - The Conch
May be used once by a player to silence all opponents for two rounds of play. Only the player holding The Conch may speak (and therefore make deals or exchanges of any kind).

The Conch effectively stops all trades of both SUPPLIES and DOWNS for two full rounds of play unless initiated by the player holding the card. But we are also very serious about the silence. A player who speaks must return a Carrot, or discard a Zodiac (Green Booster Deck) or Mysterious Place (Onyx Booster Deck) cards for each word spoken. Players without objects will forfeit turns of play.

I've got 3

Omega 05 - Specialty Bunny (Lord Of The Bunnies) or Super Specialty
The player with these bunnies down (in The Bunny Circle) may play two cards per turn. All other Specialty Bunny cards in The Bunny Circle are eliminated.

No Specialty Bunny card may be placed in The Bunny Circle until the Lord Of The Bunnies card is eliminated (perhaps with a weapon).

I've got 6

Omega 06 - Red Herring
May be used once by a player to counteract the death of any Red bunny (including the Holographic Bunny). May be used at any time!

I've got 0: Not released yet

Omega 07 - No Supe For You
May be used once by a player to eliminate all Super Bunnies from The Bunny Circle that are the same color as any die which rolled an even number. Good luck getting even!

I've got 0: Not released yet

Omega 08 - Hare E. Potter
May be used once by a player to retrieve the Magic Spatula or any Magic Fountain card from the discard. The retrieved card may be used immediately or saved.

I've got 17

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