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Dorky Corky and the trip to Dave and Busters Land

So here are some more of the pictures that I took a week ago. I'ts been a pretty full few weeks when it comes to oppertunities to snap pictures. Anne from the lab and I went out to snag something to eat at a local resturant and then we sat around in the park for a while over a pair of sundaes from baskin robins in the park. Later that night I ended upg etting together with a bunch of people at dave and buster's for dinner and gaming.

The original idea had been that I would go to dave and busters with her and someone else from the lab during the day, and then meet friends for dinner that night. The best laid plans always seem to fall apart when I'm the one making them. The other person had to pull out from the dave and busters event and it was impossible to get reservations for dinner at Fogo de Chao. A meal at the latter had been a goal of mine for a year or so now. I heard of it from someone else at the lab and she had me sold on it the minute she said they serve meat on giant sword skewers. I ened up suggesting the place quite a few times for meals with friends but we never got around to it for one reason or another. This was a good chance to reverse that and I had been looking forward to the evening. When calling to make reservations the night before however it was discovered that they only had room for tables at 4pm or 10pm. All the times in between were full already. Feh. Since that timing wasn't going to work, there was a frantic sort of phone tag that ensued as I tried to find alternatives, ecspecially after the D&B trip fell through. It was decided that Anne and I would spend a good chunk of the day together and that night, everyone else would meet up at dave and busters. We would instead put off the fogo trip until next saturday. I'll tell you in a subsequent entry how that worked out but lets just say that's not where we ended up.

So the following were pictures from the day and then from dave and busters that night.

So, while in chicago I've never spent much time at the parks in the city, ecspecially on the south side. I figured that these were not exactly the places you wanted to be. I met enough unsavory characters just walking the streets. I wasn't exactly antsy to venture into the parks where I could only assume the encounter rate would increase. That aversion no doubt explained why I hadn't see the above before. It's some sort of sculpture titled 'The Bird of Peace'. What a ridiculous piece of crap. I can only hope that no tax dolors went into putting this thing up. It reminded me of that duck that was afraid to come out of his shell....Was his name sheldon?...on the cartoon green acres.

The really odd part is it has a tail or spout or something on one end of it. It dosen't seem to make any if someone built a crank on the side. I suggested to Anne that it may be some sort of phallic imaginery and maybe we should take a picture of her yoinking it off or underneath it ready to 'catch'. She didn't care for either idea so here's be giving it a tug.

What exactly do you think was meant by the bird of peace as a title? That the only way to be peaceful is to stay in the egg? That even having a bird of peace is a sort of infantile idea? Not out of the shell yet, so to speak. Oh well....who really cares in the end. I just hope that none of my taxes went into it.

So it was a good sized group at dave and busters that night. Trip and candy joined the usual suspects and it was bunches of fun. While waiting for the former two to show up, we spent some time battleteching which is always lotsa fun. So here are candy and trip at the table with butch. I think I caught candy here in mid-order. Thus the odd sort of expression she's got going.

When we got seated, they made us promise that we would out within the hour because they had some large party coming in. In the end, either the party arrived incredibly late or they were just blowing smoke up our asses about the time so that we wouldn't dally.

Melissa looking bemused and John behind her making faces.

Ah, well that was yummy. And now that dinner is over it's time to start considering what to do next.

But before we leave the table, one last picture of me and candy together.

Everyone meet corky (aka, guertie). I pulled it out of a skill crane for candi and she immediately saw that it was retarded looking. I don't remember how many defects it had but in addition to the bent beat and classic downs syndrome expression, it also has a hump in its back. I'm not sure that the manufacturer could have made it any more retarded looking if that were the goal.

Here's candi with Corky. Awwwww. Now that I'm looking at the picture, he also dosen't seem to be in proportion. Why the heck is his bottom half so much bigger than his top?

John also pulled something out of the skill crane for me. I don't remember the character's name but I'm pretty sure it's a rugrats thing. Her dreads have wires in them so you can pose them as you wish. Weeeee.

Trip showing us all that he's really crappy on a waterski.

Butch, John and Richard as we all stand around waiting for our turn at battletech.

Trip and candi waiting to whomp some mechanized ass.

When I first saw this picture I thoguht that my hair had somehow gotten mussed enough that it was standing up in two points on top of my head. After some patting at my head and closer examination of the picture, I realized that butch had managed to snap a shot that lined up perfectly with the image on the battlepod behind me. The color matched up and it looks like it's a continuation of my hair.

See? No spikeys.

Someone should have just snapped out 'about face'. John had been in the marines at one point. I'm sure if done in a commanding voice, he'd be halfway turned around before he even realized what was happening.

Me with Pyro. Pyro's the employee who's always there running the battlepods at dave and busters...or at least for as long as I've been coming around which is 4-5 years or so. He's completely into his job....hell, I'm not entirely certain he wouldn't be there if he weren't being payed. He has his own little uniform with all these buttons and ribbons and medals and has an entire spiel that delivers in a booming voice. HERE'S A PIECE OF ADVICE THAT HAS SERVED ME WELL IN MY 15 YEARS AS A BATTLETECH PILOT. IF IT MOVES, KILL IT! IF IT DOSEN'T MOVE, PUSH IT UNTIL IT DOES AND THEN KILL IT! You get the idea.

We ended up playing quite a few games. In the first we had a truce were we were supposed to be blowing up the other team who was playing with us. I ended up picking my targets meticulously only to get my ass handed to me repeatedly by richard who apparently suffers from some genetic or psychiatric disorder that forces him to pull the trigger whenever anything enters his crosshairs. After that we played a freefor all where I handed everyone's ass to them and in the last gmae where we used advanced settings and assault mechs, trip actually snuck out the win from under me. He just edged me out in points while we tied in kills. Not bad for a guy whose only previous battletech experience was having visiting sissies try to shoot him repeatedly in the crotch so we could snap a picture of it on the instant replay. Hell, I probaly still have those pictures somewhere in this journal if someone wants to search through teh archive and find them.

No trip to dave and busters is complete without a visit to the electric chair.

It burns! It burns!!!

and then finally, the evening was over and it was time to move on. Before leaving we saw one of those little photo booths where they snap your picture and put it on someone else's body. We were going to walk right on past but corky started whining and complaining that he wanted his picture taken. Me want piktur! Me want piktur! It was sort of hard to understand him at first with all the spitting and word slurring. When we said no he started throwing a fit right in the middle of the place. In the end, it was easier just to let him have his picture. He thinks he looks hawt.

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