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Flying vs Invisibility

Ages back on NPR I remember hearing the story of some guy who, at cocktail parties, would always ask people if they prefer to fly or to have the ability to become invisible if they could pick one super power. Apparently he had come up with the idea as an interesting coversation starter that was unique but along the way he started to feel it offered insights into the human psyche and each individual person he spoke to. He noticed that men usually chose to fly while women usually chose to be able to become invisible. He saw it as a war between and best and worst parts of our nature. To fly is to make oneself visible, self focused, an attention grabber while invisibility by nature is covert, deceptive and (anti)social. Flying appeals to the better parts of our nature, the ability to swoop down and save the day out of the sky while some have put forth that invisibility is really the absolution of responsibility and a path to evil. Anyone remember hidden man or whatever that kevin bacon movie was called where once he turned ivisible he ran around killing people and raping women? All of a sudden your actions are completely divested from the consequeces they used to engender. If you could one day turn invisible at will would there be news stories about bank robberies in your neighborhood? Unexplained sexual assaults? Murders? Do any of us know how deep the demons in us run until they have give free reign? Just keep reading the papers I guess....

I did it in 13</big></b> seconds.
I deserved an A!!
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