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So a bit back I was talking about Fogo de Chao and not managing to get everyone there for dinner on either saturday I tried for. Even calling for reservations 5 days in advance I could only get times of 5pm and earlier or 9 pm and later. It's ridiculous. Luckily though, their lunch schedule is much more open so I took the family there. It was pretty fab all around.

For the uninitiated, Fogo is brazillian and consists of people walking around with giant skewers of various chunks of meat. They give you a paper chit that looks like a coaster, red on one side and green on the other. As long as you have the greenside up, it's a constant bustle of guys with meat on sticks marching over and offering to chop you a chunk of whatever they were serving. Now, I've never been a real high brow sort of person when it comes to meat. I'm pretty much a ground beef sort of person, usually mashed into a hamburger or with hamburger helper.

The food was amazing. I even broke a cardinal rule that I had going for years now. After I took human parasitology in college, I told myself no rare meat. I know what the hell can be in there and the idea of getting an ascaria infestation didn't sound like fun.Since that point I've always ordered my meat medium and it was no different at fogo. There they slice different parts of the meat chunk according to what you say you want, rare, medium or well done. Apparently it's not an exact science. I responded medium and usually got a chunk of something that was still squirting blood and mooing at me. It ended up being so excellent I just decided to ignore the fact it was rare beyond belief. The salad bar was also of the highest quality. The tomatos were fresh, huge, and crisp, the asparagus was some of the largest I had ever seen yet remaining tender. Chunks of mozarella, that italian ham whozit, etc. It was all just great. I really do recommend the place to everyone. Another reason to go for lunch if you can is that it was 28 dollars a head for lunch and almost double that, at 50 a pop, for dinner. It's definitely something that should be tried one whatever the price but 50 is just a wee bit excessive for many return trips.

I'm sorry to say I didn't get any pictures of all the chunks of meat and the servers chopping hunks off of it. It completely slipped my mind and by the time I remembered the camera it seemed sorta ridiculous to call them over just to snap pictures. So instead, I'v got pictures of the family, which most of you probaly can skip without much loss.

My grandmother with Connie.

Shelley taking a bite of something or other.

I'm sorta disapointed about this. I found a roll that looked like a twoheaded snail and just had to take a picture. Actually, stumbling over this bread thingie and thinking about that piece of toast with the virgin mary on it was what reminded me to pull out the camera in the first place. I tried to snap a picture but as you can see the flash pretty much bleached things out.

My grandmother with shelley.

Me and my mom.

And finally, shelley and my grandmother again.

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