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The one nice thing about being back home is having the foods that I have no english translation for. The things that I couldn't wander down to Wok 'n Roll in Hyde Park and simply pull off the menu. I could describe what I think the ingredients are, but certainly not in chinese which makes it unlikely I will ever have it anywhere except when I'm at home and being spoiled by mom. It's kinda sad really...I still recall working my way through the beef dishes at once place in chinatown that I would occassionally get takeout at over the course of years until I found what I was looking for that I had no name for. It was a pretty ghastly enterprise at times and I still remember 'orange beef' with a special horror. This disconnect has bigger implications and they're not ones I like to think about but which have bee thrust to the forefront lately. It's also not a happy topic so I think I won't go into it here. Instead I think I'll just enjoy the rest of my (phonetically) lauh-me-phan.

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