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Eeeeeeek! Tattoos!!

Okey dokey. So I'm looking for someone who's seen an unedited version of Red Dragon, that sequel/prequel of Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. It's on tv right now and I've been devoting maybe 20-30% of my attention to it as I'm doing things on the computer. I just saw a scene that I'm sure got screwed up by editing. Whatshisface, the tooth fairy just snagged the tabloid writer and strapped him to a chair and pulled him in front of a projection screen. Then the guy strips off his robe showing....tattoos and the reporter freaks. Ummm...tattoos? Is that really what he was flipping out over? There had to be something actually disturbing that was removed, right? Mayb the tattoos on the lower body were made out of the flesh of children's faces? Maybe he then showed home movies that looked lik they came out of hellraiser? There must've been something. I mean, tattoos are stupid and those who get them idiots, but it's not exactly something to freak out over, right?

Well, except for that guy who tattooed his head to look like a snake and added little plastic implants or whatever into his facee so they looked like scales and then split his tongue. If I saw that guy in a dark alley and I had a shotgun, you can be pretty sure he'd be missing organs.

Edited to add:

So, since choc brought up the painting, I thought I'd reproduce it here. frankly, the thing looks ridiculous to me. Are those supposed to be back tumors or something?


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