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The West Wing

So I caught an episode yesterday and there was that commercial screaming about ONLY THREE! THREE! THREE! EPISODES LEFT! LEFT! LEFT! UNTIL THE END OF THE WEST WING! WING! WING! Well, there weren't really those repeats but it felt like one of announcers at monster truck rallies. (I'm lying. I've never been to a monster truck rally. This dosen't stop me from having a very clear stereotype of what it would be like though.) My first thought was celebratory. The west wing is evil and must be destroyed.

So the question became, why do I watch something I consider to be evil? I thought about it and I was reminded of a history channel marathon I was watching on the technology of world war II. The germans made some absolutely fabulous weapons apparently. They were great at putting together scaryass machine guns for instance. Supposedly just the sound some of them made was enough to scare the crap out of US troops that the government had to make a series of 'informational documentaries' to teach the soldiers that it was all bark and no bite. Which was a flat out lie since apparnetly the damn thing could mow down rows of people like chaff. Anyway, while I might appreciate german ingenuity in making such weapons, I can dislike the purpose they put them to.

So while the west wing isn't bad as far as dramas go, usually, its message is evil. It's only purpose is to brainwash people into believing that there's some centralist democratic organization that holds all the positions americans do and that it always works out because they're right and/or more principled. It's bullshit. What worries me is that there might be stupid enough people out there who watch this and actually believe it. Lucky for all of us, stupid people don't usually end up watching dramas I'm thinking. If this were some sort of toilet humor sitcom, it might have been more trouble. It's too bad that there can't be a conservative response to the west wing on mainstream 'entertainment' media when it comes to tv.

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