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I think I'm a shopaholic

It might not be time for an intervention yet but give it a few more months and you never know. I always seem to start buying things whenever I'm bored and have a lot of time on my hands. There's not much else to do and it's always exciting to order some thingabob you want. In the past couple weeks I've purchased:

150 dollars worth of card/board games

160 worth of comic books

15 dollars worth of books

92 dollars worth of gaming handbooks

36 dollars worth of costuming

130 dollars for an electric toothbrush

Feh. I'm contemplating even larger purchases at this very moment.

On a positive note, I think I've just about unpacked all of my books and other media. It's all been sorted and placed on shelves. The only major thing missing now are my computer and computer desk and then all the card/board games which need to be organized and stacked. I'm sort of proud of the organizing job I've managed to do for all the books and things. Of course, within a couple months it'll all fall apart as I yank things from the shelves and then fail to replace them. Sometimes I think if I ever really want something to occupy myself for the next half year I should just alphabetize all the books I own.

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