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Everything's pretty much set up now except for moving over a desk for the computer and then stacking my board games. My sister's holding up everything at the moment since she has the desk at the moment and we're all waiting for her to clean it off so I can take it. She won't let anyone else do it and dosen't seem to be in any hurry to get it done herself. I just want to see if the damn computer made it through the trip in one piece. You never know with these sort of things. They can be quite tempermental and I've had 2 computers croak on me in the past 5 years. Not to mention I've also made a deal to sell someone my dvd rips of stargate sg1 episodes. He's going to pay me a small nominal fee, 2 dollars per dvd, and I'd like to get around to burning those off. Not to mention it would be nice to have my computer set up so I can finally have the wireless router put in and get the internet connection hooked up as well. Then all I need is to get a cable splitter to hook up the tv and my room's all put together.

BTW, anyone know where to get a clapper? I usually read or something before going to sleep and by the time I doze off I can't be bothered to get up and turn off the lights. I always thought having a clapper would be spiffy but I haven't been able to find one anywhere. Do they even make the thing anymore? I went to that as seen on tv store site and couldn't find it there. Nor have I found it at any major retailer I've looked at. Maybe it's just time to go check out ebay. Then I can just rig everything in the room to respond to clapping. Wouldn't that be spiffy.

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