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It's the shipping, I tell ya!!! It's what kills you!

So this was a comment to the previous entry but I reconsidered and reproduced it here. I'm kinda curious about some other issues with this and I figured it was easier given it its own little entry to knock around in.

I bought a set of webcams on ebay. The guy selling them didn't list a shipping price in his auction. I ended up winning and he wanted 8 bucks for shipping. I thought that was a little steep considering that the damn things probaly don't weigh much and shipped parcel post proably would have cost only 4 dollars or something. So I get an email from the person saying they mailed it. Then I get another email saying they mailed it UPS, that I would get it TOMMORROW, and that it cost them 17.50 to ship this thing. They're now asking me to send another 5 dollars through paypal to cover more of the shipping.

I'm thinking....who the fuck told you to ship it UPS or to overnight the damn thing. I payed what I said I would's not my fault you're a terminal dumbass. Then I think....maybe these people really are terminally stupid and I feel kinda bad that they shipped this damn thing overnight.

So would you pay? Reply to the email and tell them they're fucking morons and not pay? Reply to the email and tell them you don't think that was the deal and not pay? Ignore the email and them?

The story gets more odd. After I had posted the above, I went and checked out the tracking number they sent me and here was the info:

In Transit -
On Time
Sched. Delivery: Mar 31, 2005
Service Type: GROUND

WTF? Maybe these morons wrote tuesday but meant thursday? Maybe they're just trying to scam me out of some more money thinking I won't figure out that they ended up mailing me an empty box? I'm still not sure how it could cost so much to mail something by UPS ground!

So I went and played around on the UPS turns out, to get a package from the destination to here by ground and have it cost 17 fucking dollars it would have to be:

20 pounds and have the dimensions of 18x18x18!

Even then, it would only cost 16.38!!


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