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New Bat Time, New Bat Channel....

So today was the local boardgame meetup that I had been looking forward to. I've been looking for new people to game with and one of the best networking points has been despite it's unsavory association with unwashed and howling liberals of the deaniac persuasion. Things went pretty well. The event was held at the second floor of a foodcourt at a local super market and ended up being far nicer than it would sound from that description. Around 13-14 people showed up and there were a couple of good ones.

We ran through a couple games of shipwreck (which I lost), a game of carcasonne (which I won), munchkin bites (which I won) and killer bunnies (where the person who won was clueless and only had one damn carrot to her name). It turns out one of the people there is running a small Ad&d 3.x game and is welcome to the idea of new people. Someone else there was interested and with me and Brian tossed into the mess, it should make a group of 6. That's a pretty good number to start with. The only problem I can see is that they don't have a steady DM. They seem to rotate back and forth and as far as I'm concerned that's just a receipe for disaster. Lack of consistancy in everything from difficulty to the rewards you find to the storyline. I've never really taken a turn at being screen monkey but it might just end up that I have the most general experience. It might be interesting to see how things run from the other side of the shield. Both guys were also interested in getting togehter more often than once a month for board and card games, and some others who were there chimed in as well.

The organizer seems to be really on the ball and eager to help out with getting people to try new games, go to conventions, etc. She's set me on the track of another group of people who meet at a panera breads resturant nearby every 2nd and 4th saturday of the month. It might be a good place to snipe more participants. If that dosen't pan out, there's also talk of doing boardgame meetups twice a month alternating between saturdays and sundays. Apparently day of the weekend is a sticking point for a good chunk of people so hopefully by switching back and forth we can get a large pool for me to winnow through.

Overall things seem to be going pretty spiffy on this front.

On a sidenote, my computer's all hooked up finally and other than some nagging problems with it, in general it's all been pretty smooth.

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