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What the hell, it's 3am and I'm bored....

It's not called theft when they can't prosecute you for it. For all any of you know, I spontaneously came up with this idea myself. Good luck proving otherwise in court.

1. Post a list of say 10 TV shows you watch. (current or cancelled)
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each show.
3. When guessed bold the line and write a sentence.
4. Post in your own livejournal :)

1) Dungeons and Dragons (The animated cartoon)
*Ding* Everyone's favorite bumbling magician, Presto. I'm pretty sure I still have every single episode of this old cartoon on an old external harddrive somewhere. I used to wish that you really good enter an ad&d sort of world through rollercoasters.

2) Stargate SG1

3) Stargate Atlantis

4) Futurama
Professor Farnsworth

5) Star Trek DS9
Odo On a sidenote here, I'm always amazed that the guy who played odo, or quark, or any of the klingons make it through 7 seasons. It takes hours to get this makeup on and it must suck royally. All of them should get hazard pay

6) Angel

7) X-Men (The animated cartoon)

8) Family Ties (Name two. It's a tie)
*Ding* Alex is correct. The original young republican. I like to think that with the exception of the preppy thing, he may have inspired my early political growth. A hint for the other, it was one of his girlfriends.
*Ding* Alex's hippie girlfriend ellen. The actress who michael J Fox went on to marry though I didn't find that out till like a decade after the show ended. I think this character might have been my first crush of any sort. Whenever I remember that episode at the dance where she's leaving him for Paris....*sniffle*. Damn frogs for luring her away.

9) The A-Team
Mr T

10) Transformers (Good luck on this one)
Optomus Prime


darkengobot: 2
jeanie3: 1
Every other buckethead: 0

And darken takes the lead.

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