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SFN 2003: Down to New Orleans

Here they are finally. The pictures of the New Orleans trip. I ended up taking 270+ pictures but managed to prune it down a bit for display here. It looks like the lj-cut feature sucks ass and dosen't actually encapsulate the seperate sections so clicking any of the links should open the whole thing for you.

I'm going to edit and put each section into a seperate post so the pictures actually have a chance of loading.

Connecting flight in Houston. It was my first visit to texas and I'm willing to believe that everything's bigger in texas based on its airport. This place was HUGE. We must've taxi'ed to get to the terminal for over 10 minutes. I was worried the pilot had gotten lost and driven us off into the wilderness for a while.

I searched forever in that airport looking for someone with a cowbow hat but was sorely disapointed. What I did find is dozens and dozens of these little trams. They were everywhere. I was hoping that someone would leave the keys in one so I could zip around the airport but no such luck.

Welcome to New Orleans. Look at our piece of statuary. Sure it looks like mixup crap fused together by a blind and gibberingly insane 'artist' but it probaly cost us millions of dollars so gaze upon it adoringly. It probaly even spins like a top or something, but I didn't have time to stay and investigate. I had to venture down into the bowels of this shitty airport with its unbearable humidity and smog and spend 3 hours waiting for a shuttle to take me to my hotel.

Wooo, look! Multi-lingual signs. Take that melting pot. Damned if I'm going to learn english!

And an agony of waiting later...I arrive at the hotel. Welcome to the Holiday Inn at Superdome. We hope you enjoy your stay. The person in the bottom right of the picture is Nobu, a former grad student in the lab who's now doing a post-doc at NIDA in Baltimore.


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