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Welcome to the Holiday Inn

The lobby of the holiday inn. Very nice considering I thought I was going to get stuck in some sorta exterior access rat trap. My hotel was on the cheaper side of those avaliable, 139 dollars a night, and I think I got my money's worth compared to what I saw of where other people were staying. It was a bit out of the way and I ended up taking taxis all over the place but it could have definitely been worse.

I was never quite sure if this was just decoration or if it was mechanized somehow. Kinda creepy either way I guess. I don't like the idea of full sized automitons just standing there day after day after day. I am happy to report that they never seemed to come to my viewing anyway.

The front desk. It was kinda ironic that every single staff member at this hotel and others had a button claiming their hotel was a drug free zone. I meant to ask them if they simply didn't consider pot and alcohol to be drugs or if there was some sorta cognitive dissonance going on. Notice the mural behind the counter..

It was actually one of several that they had around the building. There was some sorta plaque which claimed that this site was important to the history of jazz or somesuch. I didn't pay overly much attention to it at the time so there's no much I can relate about it now.

More murals. Where's the person playing the washboard is what I want to know.

Going up. 16th floor please. It took me quite a while to notice this but there's no 13th floor. It seemed surprising to me that someone would take the effort to cater to superstition in this fashion, but apparently many hotels in town don't have a 13th floor. I can see this being prevalent in places like vegas where you depend on luck but it seemed a bit out of place. Having seen too many of the wrong kinda movies I even counted the seconds between floors to see if they simply skipped 13 in the numbering or there really was a secret no-access 13th floor where the hotel ax murderer lurks. Based on my analysis, it seems like the former.

Me in the mirror on the wall while waiting for the elevator on the 16th floor. Sure it's a little blurry but it was the best I could manage. Apparently this camera takes slight movement very seriously...even the smallest tilt or shake causes lotsa blurring of the photo. I wonder if there's some knob or switch I can toggle to fix that....

The coolest piece of decoration on my floor IMO. I've never seen a violin lamp and considered ways of secreting it away in my luggage for a few seconds. People swipe all sortsa stuff from hotels...why not lamps?


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