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Memory Maps

Since google came out with their satalite map system at it's spawned a net craze. Everyone goes immediately to see if they can find their house in the satalite images (something that's distinctively creepy when you do) and also look up things like national landmarks or Area 51. (BTW, for anyone attempting the latter...I already tried and it seems that the entire region is a blank whited out spot. Que sera, sera I guess)

It seems that the second tier of interest has taken the form of memory maps. I stumbled over someone else's and it's apparently a thriving group of people doing it on, a photo sharing site. It seemed like it would be fun so I took the time out and made my own memory map above. If you click on the image it should take you to the site complete with notes of the various places. This was harder to accomplish than you might think. I had to zoom out quite a ways to get in all the interesting local locations which meant that half the time I couldn't figure out what was what. I had to keep bouncing back between the flickr picture and a zoomed in shot from google.

Feel free to put together your own memory maps. If nothing else, it gives you a whole new perspective on things. Relative distance and size have never seemed so sureal to me before.

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