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Off to the convention

The society for neuroscience, or SFN as it's known, boasted a final tally of around 30,000 participants this year. Impressive, no? It didn't seem like there were actually that many people around each day but I assume a good number were sleeping off hangovers in the morning and in the afternoon the morning people were out starting to get sloshed somewhere so they cycled.

Your average poster session during the meeting. Two sessions a day for the length of the meeting which adds up to thousands and thousands of posters. Everything from hallucinating starfish to schizophrenic invertebrates.

Ta da! My poster. Unless someone is really interested (and lets face it, who is?) I'm just going to skip over what it was about and why it's important. I had some pretty good traffic and I basically stood around for a few hours answering questions and walking people through the research. Nothing all that exciting or fasinating really.

Me with Anitra, the other grad student in the lab. Actually, a took a hell of a lotta these pictures while I was there, basically walking up to anyone and everyone, holding up the camera and snapping it of me and that person at arm's length. This is one of the few photos I actually got someone else to take of me and the other person. After a few more shots like this anitra threatened to break my camera. I don't think she has the stones though....

Looking goofy. The big headed picture is of lorinda, the lab manager who had dressed up with me as domo-kun during halloween.

The loot. This is what I came away with from going to the vender's stalls. A spiffy manpurse that I used throughout the rest of the trip that was worth its weight in gold, a couple of refrigerator magnets from nida, 3 packets of mints, 2 clicky pencils, 1 tri-3 color highlighter, 2 something or others that open packages somehow, and 3 squishy brains. I've also been promised a dolly the cloned sheep doll in the mail from some cloning company.


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