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And the Oscar goes to...

Anyone ever notice that any movie scene is automatically 10 times better if instead of having actors you use stuffed animals? I present:

The Final Scene from Seven

Man, did they cast that blue rubber thingie in the right role. The thing wigs me out even without kevin spacey doing his creepy voice. The only problem I have is I think the monkey was miscast. The way his mouth was stiched on it looks like he's consistantly smiling and that just sort of ruins it for me. We need a more expression neutral stuffed animal, or if they can find it, a downright distressed looking one.

Really, if you think about it, it was just as well that blue alien thing, which I've subsequently discovered is a Boohbah, ended up decapitating the doll. I mean, it must be one of the signs of the apocalypse when monkeys breed with rag dolls and then successful conceive. Just think of the horrors that their children would likely turn out as. That is not a genetic cocktail that anyone wants to see.

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