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Geek Party Fest

So this past saturday, I went off to a boardgame meetup and then to a party at 'the bills'. The meetup ended up being a flop more or less. THey usually get together once a month but I was hoping for something a little more regular. At my suggestion, Lori set it up so that there was a second boardgame get together. I think what really worked against us this time was inertia. People were used to simply getting together once a month and I'm sure a good chunk of people don't even check the site regularly. It's very likely they simply missed the event notification. We'll get a better idea of what the status is at the next normal meeting I guess. On a positive note, one of the people who did show up asked if I had killer bunnies by name because she had enjoyed it when I demo'ed it two weeks ago. She's quite a bit older and spent most of that game repeating 'I don't get this', so I figure that's a major victory in my win column.

After the meetup ended (which entailed a lot of chatting and then some griping about meetup's new fees instead of much actual game playing) it was time for the party at the bills. I had met them a week ago at the Panera Bread on route 1 where they run their own bimonthly game group. It was a much more hardcore group of gamers and their personalities were much more sarcastic/abrasive than the placid makeup of the boardgame meetups. Needless to say, I felt I fit right in. The organizers were having a party at their home and Lori and I were both going to pop over. I ordered one of those meat and cheese platters from wegmen's and set off.

It was a lot of fun. There were plenty of people there and in addition to playing a couple games, there was plenty of chatting about various topics. I even found one girl there who recognized me from rutgers. Apparently, she had been a psych major too at the time I was there and recalled me from some class or another. That's one of the nice things about being relatively distinctive. I never have to remember what other people look like because I can be pretty sure they'll recognize me when they see me. It was a really great mix of people and I'm still hopeful I can put together some sort of regular RPG group from the lot. I already seem to have board/card game oppertunities coming out the wazoo and that's the only thing that's missing.

I also gave Mock a ring today and was shocked to discover that one of the people who gamed with had been taken to the hospital and that they actually had to use the defribrilator on him and schedule an angioplasty. Not that Butch really seemed to be in the greatest of shape, but it's still a surprise. He had dropped all of us an email a while back talking about his health, but I thought it was simply a summary of what his doctor had told him when he went for a checkup. I had no clue it was precipitated by such a thing. I wish I had known earlier....I would have sent something or other, at least a card or some such. It's sorta late now that he's out and from what Mock tells me, doing pretty well. Oh well.

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