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Burn, baby! Burn!

I just got my new shipment of DVD+R's and I've been spending my time burning things off of my external hard drives. I no longer trust the darn things after a couple fried on me and now that media storage is big enough, I no longer need them. I can finally get things off of them and backed up that I'd have a hell of a time picking up again. A lot of the old bittorrent sites have been shut down and there are few central nexeses for file trading. I didn't find out until a month ago or so that suprnova kicked the bucket.

There's also been an added fringe benefit of getting around to burning all of these things now. I found someone on the gencon forums who wanted the complete stargate sg1 series and burned him off a set for 2 bucks a dvd. It's amazing how many episodes you can fit on a dvd nowadays and the quality is unbelievable. It's perfect even at full screen resolution for some. The amount of storage space it takes up is also pretty extreme.

I've got:

The Simpsons
Star Trek DS9
Babylon 5
Samurai Jack
Duck Tales
Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Family Guy

More anime than I can count from back when I was collecting and hundreds of audiobooks.

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