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The year's must see event. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll come back for more.

The Story of Domo-kun

Review of poor, misrepresented Domo

The premise is unusual enough to hook the audience, and the sad history of the title character keeps them in their seats. In a twist this critic couldn't forsee, the perceived villain turns out to be the victim, mimicking the style of multiple blockbuster creator, M. Night Shyamalan. It's poignant, piquant and a little pissant, with enough other French words to make this seem je ne sais quoi.

The story unfolds endearingly and unwittingly, innocent in its newness. All too sudden, this comfortable romp through fields and dales screams onto the nightmare superhighway of feline vengeance. While at first it may seem a sweet montage, viewers will have their very foundations shaken to the core by this hard-driven docu-drama, punctuated with the gritty no-holds-barred (or clothes left unripped) camera action of Jerry Springer alumnus, Steve.

Producer henwy has brought this stunning vision to reality through sheer mind-numbing keyboard typing and image pasting, his passion and empathy for little Domo-kun palpable. His request for us to truly see this pathetic creature as just that, pathetic, is a command, an edict from high one is hard-pressed not to follow. I weep for Domo-kun.

Review by HADES Pro. Heavy Industries

Of course, I think by producing she means I took the time out to paste in a link. All the credit would go to starberries_.

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