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Tremble in fear at my Rabid Wombat

Woot. It looks like my magic cards were more or less where I remember putting them, in giant plastic bags in the closet. I took the whole mess out and it looks like there wasn't any damage to teh cards other than superficial bending. I am sorta disapointed that I didn't see my goblin deck anywhere. Of course, all the cards were mixed together so even if it were in there it's possible I missed it just in the process of taking them out. The goblin deck was the last deck I played with, fast, cheap and it usually could take any person out if they weren't playing a tourney honed deck. Of course, at the time we were playing 3 way magic so I used to pick up second place a whole stinking lot. Goblins just can't match up once the mana gets high enough that people can bring out the behemoths.

So I'm left to wonder 1) if this mess is complete and 2) how much is it worth? I found some multilands and popped onto ebay to take a look. Seems they're going for a good amount on there. It looks like someone sold 4 of the black/blue combo for around 130 dollars just a few days ago and I've got a set of them along with 2 of each of around 4 others. I've got a couple of binders that I apparently tried to organize the cards into at one point but it's horribly incomplete and even I can tell now there are cards missing that I used to have. It makes me wonder if I took them out to add into decks that then went poof on me. Last I recall, before the goblin deck I had a green mana deck going which had all of my birds of paradise, forces of nature, etc in it. Hmmm...

To update: It looks like I'm missing all of my black and red cards. I must've had them seperated somewhere and there're not in with the others. It's also clear that my goblin deck is either with the other red/black cards or gone poof. It also looks like the prices for many of the cards that I remember costing quite a pretty penny went down like the great stock market crash of the depression. It's sad that I would have loved to have more of, or ones I had such fond memories of, chalked up to be worth a buck or two. How depressing. It looks like the only real thing I have of value are those dual lands.

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