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No, I said he sleeps with the fishes...

But first, a stop by a fountain that probaly has some significance but I didn't read the plaque thingie in front of it. I did however take a picture of said plaque thingie so that if I ever do become curious one day as to why this fountain is there I can simply zoom in on the picture and find out.

Me in front of the fountain. At the time I didn't notice the little girl who seems to be trying to drown herself. I don't recall anyone watching over her but I assume that if she did fall in someone fished her out pretty quickly.

Wooo, at the aquarium after watching Into the Deep 3-d on the imax theater next door. Very, very spiffy. So we have from left to right, Karen, a friend who's now at UW for grad school, some friend of hers, Lori the lab manager, and Karen the post doc who's flipping me off. I didn't notice that little detail when I was taking the picture. We're in one of those tube whozits so you have the aquarium pool all around you.

Ahhh! It's going to get me! Giant jaw and teeth...always entertaining. I think this was a whale or shark or something or other. Again, I wasn't paying overly much attention. I spent most of my time running around snapping photos.

Proof that our time at the aquarium was a learning experience. They had petting pools where we were taught the proper way to pet a shark. Apparently squeezing until it croaks is a bad thing. Lesson learned.

We also learned now to pet an invertebrate. Again, contrary to what you might think...squeezing = wrong. It's lucky there was a sign there to warn us...otherwise things might have gotten messy. I also learned that there are two types of starfish, the rough and bumpy and the slimy.

I have absolutely no farging clue what this has to do with an aquarium but people with cameras shouldn't look gift horses in the mouth. Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!

Woo, a giant whale. We know what this means...another picture oppertunity.

Lori's been asking me to take a few pictures of her for a personals ad she's placing online. I think this is the perfect picture. I can almost guarentee twice the number of responses she'll get with it compared to without it. Just the freudian elements alone makes it a winner. That and I'm sure her goal is at least in part to 'free willy'.

I'm starting to think this aquarium looted some kid's playground at some point in the distant past. At least this fella was in the frog area of the aquarium so he sorta fit in. The girls all tried to kiss him but no prince yet.

Awww, aren't they cute? Thankfully, this is the last one of these sorta pictures that I took so savor it while it lasts.

Wooo, it's feeding time. A couple of divers entered the largest tank and began hand-feeding all the fish. They had tuperware containers of some sort of shrimpy mixture and giant stalks of broccoli. It seemed pretty spiffy to see all the fish swarming down upon them.

The rays were ecspecially gluttonous about it. They would usually push the other fish out of the way and latch their mouths over the containers to get the lion's share.


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