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Back from another game day

Another saturday, another game day down at the panera bread. I managed to not sucumb to the siren call of baked goods and got to play successions, a game that I picked up on Nate's recommendation and haven't had a chance to run through until now. I also got to run through a game called I'm the Boss that I quite enjoyed and introduce people to the wonders of killer bunnies. All around a good game day.

Last night was the opening of event registration for Origins. I went last year and I'm looking forward to a return trip. It's being held in columbus ohio again this year and after 6 weeks of delays, the system finally went live yesterday.

That's what I'm thinking my schedule is going to be. There were a couple of screwups with the registration system and until they sort themselves out, I can't finalize the darn thing. There's a killer bunnies master game on saturday with the creator that has some fabulous swag if you win, and playroom entertainment is also releasing another killer bunnies game but this time it's a board game about bunnies/ships in space. Needless to say I also signed up for that one.

Other than that the schedule is mostly filled with various RPGs. It should be a lotta fun.

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