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Plate o' ickyness

Well, it looks like the mystery is solved. It's a Seder plate and I'm pretty sure no one is supposed to eat the darn thing. At least I sincerely hope no one is supposed to eat the damn thing.

So each part of this sucker is supposed to represent something or other about the flight from egypt according to the website I found.

According to Zell Shuman's Passover Seders Made Simple (IDG Books Worldwide Inc., 2001, $16.95), the items on the Passover plate are:

1. Karpas, parsley or celery leaves. These symbolize springtime, home and renewal.

2. Chazeret, a bitter vegetable. Many people substitute salt water to represent the tears of slavery.

3. Baytzah, a roasted egg. A symbol of the offering brought to the temple; also representative of new life at springtime.

4. Zeroah, a roasted bone, usually a lamb shank. Lamb was eaten at the first Passover, and this bone represents the sacrifice of the animal.

5. Maror, bitter herbs, usually horseradish. Symbolic of the bitterness that Jewish forebears experienced as slaves.

6. Charoset, a mixture of apples, dried fruit, nuts and wine. This sweet melange represents the mortar the slaves used to make bricks for building the cities of the Egyptian pharaoh.

I still think it's nutty. I mean, look at that plate above. Would you want someone to set it before you as a meal? Couldn't the jews have found representative and symbollic items and still end up with something that looked slightly appetizing? A starving dog would turn its nose up at munching on this. If anyone has ever seen a buddhist temple and the offerings made there, the food is often a work of art. They actually sculpt tofu and gluten to look like roasted duck and whatnot. Or at the very least they offer the largest and prettiest looking fruit. This looks like it was picked out of a dumpster somewhere. I really think someone needs to have to have a talk with the jews about aesthetics.

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