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All hail water ferrets. Just as stinky and bitey

He was probaly practicing for this. If you were ever curious about how otters mate, this is the plaque for you. I'll admit I'm not the best judge of this but that looks like one happy otter in the picture. Just look at her scarred nose...she knows what I'm talking about.

Bow down and worship the wall of otters! They actually had a few otters swimming around but it was impossible to get a good picture. The glass was thick and kept distorting the light and those buggers were quick. One of them spent all of his time rubbing himself next to a ledge. I'm pretty sure he wasn't grooming.

Just look at the happy little otters. mmmmMMMmMmMMm, clams and starfish for dinner it looks like.

There's nothing quite like having your hand up an otter. Look how happy it looks. It's waving.

OMG! Poor crabby will be so upset. It's another case of crab exploitation. Not only are these poor crustacians captured and consumed as food by evil evil otters, but here they are selling dolls advertising the fact. The horror.

It is almost unbearably cute though. It was my favorite otter of the bunch because of the crab. I didn't like the material the fur is made out of though so I didn't buy it. I ended up getting one of the giant brown ones with the clams. He's sitting in my bag right now waiting to be unpacked.

Lori ended up buying the pissed off looking otter backpack. Look, here he is having a louisiana speciality. I don't remember what it was called but it's like a mixture between a funnelcake and a fried doughnut covered with powder sugar. I got it all over me trying to eat this and accidently inhaled while trying to take a bite. Almost ended up choking to death.


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