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The bad with the good

Molesta loves me
This I know
For the boards
Tell me so.

It seems the only thing I do on SF nowadays is check for PMs and do the occassional vanity search. No surprise I'm #1 on the list. I'm sure I was the first to pop to mind. I am a bit distressed at the company I seem to be keeping. Ality's a crazed misogynist nutjob, ze'ev's a crackwhore, and towbee's a sychophantic jerkoff. Oh well, que sera, sera.

LiveJournal Username
Why you did it
Your lair
Your hideous secret weapon
Your favourite colour
Beautiful and exotic but deadly eastern lieutenantjstad
Henchperson who constantly plays with knifessoupiecampbell
Your perverted scientific geniuscandierain
You cordon bleu cheftheneonpenguin
Lieutenant with serious moral qualmschocodiablo
Number of countries subverted70
Quiz created by Andrew at Blog Quiz
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I'm not sure I like these results any better. The description of jstad makes me a bit queasy and uneasy and I can't even imagine what sort of nightmare senario of manpower shortage would have existed to have me make chocodiablo an officer in my hoard of evil. I'd sooner place an order in at the local temp agency. God knows I'd almost certainly get better help. Still, the sheer number of countries is sort of satisfying and I've always wanted to grind large parts of the world under my heel.

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