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Kindergarten Follies

So it was friday and I went back to the hobbymaster store in redbank. I still haven't heard back from playroom entertainment and I'm not sure what's going on exactly. I sent a message to their rep who had been communicating with me about submitting the application but since it's gone in I haven't had any sort of response from her or the company. I know it's supposed to take some time for them to sort it out, but it's still sorta funny that she wouldn't have responded to my PM asking about the status, no?

Anyway, I drove down to the redbank and once again it was a bevy of kids for the most part. The age ranged from around 10 to 16 I would wager and for the first hour and a half it was just a giant magic the gathering fest. I'm starting to think maybe I should bring my cards in just so that I have something in common with all the rugrats. Of course, I have no farging clue what's going on with the game anymore. I was told there have been 26 freaking expansions since I stopped playing around 8-9 years ago. I know for a fact they continued introducing new features to the cards and creatures, including some sort of two sided card where now creatures can transform from one incarnation to the other and all you have to do is rotate the card 180 degrees. It's pretty certain I would have no freaking clue what was going on.

The freaky pedophile feeling was also diminished this time since one of the guys sitting there playing magic with the kids was at least in his late 50's with a fanny pack full of cards. If anyone should feel wigged out, it was him and he seemed to be as happy as a pig in shit.

I spent quite a lot of time in the beginning walking circles around the store. They were having some sort of giant magic freeforall game that pretty much involved every single person and I had jack crap to do. Did you know those collectable horse figures like from the movie spirit or black beauty run around 50 dollars a pop? Holy crap. I had been looking at them because there was a wall full and I know brian's daughter really likes horses. It was a little rich for my blood though and certainly too pricey for just a simple toy IMO.

Anyway, eventually the magic game ended and people were interested in trying some of the games I had bought. I managed to teach 5 kids how to play killer bunnies and they all enjoyed it a lot. Score one for me even though without the playroom people getting back to me it counted for exactly bupkis. I also played a couple games of 2 player munchkin with one kid and got my ass whomped twice. I'm wondering if I can peel away a few of the magic players earlier in the game day next time or maybe just arrive late from now on. It was certainly a waste of time and a hefty bit of boredom to just pace around for 90 minutes with nothing to do. I also hope playroom gets back to me so I can figure out what the heck is going on my with application.

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