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It might be more pathetic than curling

I didn't think it was possible for ESPN2 to hit a low that actually matched or exceeded the curling competition from a couple weeks back. It seems I was wrong. I was channel flipping and stumbled upon a marathon of 'All Star Scrabble'. Like driving past a 4 car pileup with cloth covered bodies all over the road, I slowed down in gruesome fasination to watch. As you can imagine, championship scrabble is about as intersting as watching grass grow. The words they use are in large part completely nonsensical to the average person and the people there look like throwbacks from the 70's in their dress. What's truly nauseating is how the announcer keeps referring to scrabble as a great sport.

WTF is wrong with ESPN anyway? What's tommorrow's lineup, competative bingo for geriatric seniors?

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