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EtOH, Not as good as you might imagine

So we gathered at last to venture forth to the french quarter. Steve, a friend who's now a grad student at UMich has donned his Satan guise in preparation for the night ahead. Eeeevil looking, ain't he? He also cost me the pleasure of experiencing my first bar fight too a few days later.

Everywhere you go, booze as far as the eye can see. I've never seen so many alcoholic slurpees in my life. I never did get around to buying one of the yard long ones....I could have never fitted the container into my luggage anyway so it's just as well.

Well, to get the night started I have a frozen hurricane and a jello shot syringe! How cool is that? Very SFNesque if you ask me. The only way it would have fit better is if they served booze is giant rat glasses.

Everyone immediately started having fun with their jello syringes. Here's Caren attacking hers with a vengence.

Here's my favorite action shot of the whole batch. Jello syringe fun for everyone.

Caren dealing with the aftereffects of a brainfreeze attack. You can see her ow! ow! brainfreeze! dance here.

I'm sure steve must've been drinking like a fish. A couple days later he showed up at the convention center with this. What a nut....


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