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How a lightsaber works

I'm sure many of you have pondered this very fact for years and years. Lacking either the ability to acquire your own lightsaber by swiping it from a jedi or sith master or build one of your own, your curiosity has been sadly unsatisfied until now. Fear not for I present the guide to How Lightsabers work.

I cannot stress enough, if you have somehow come across a light saber and are hoping to use this information to figure out how to operate it, please read the warning label first:

Important Safety Information

A lightsaber is not a toy! Keep it out of reach of children at all times. Lightsaber locks are required in most states.

There are two ends to any lightsaber -- one end has the belt ring, while the other end houses the blade arc tip and blade emitter. NEVER point the blade emitter of a lightsaber toward your own body. NEVER look down the "barrel" of a lightsaber, even if you are "sure" it is in safe mode. If you accidentally activate the lightsaber, serious injury could result.

You have been warned.

I know that after reading the guide I think I'm ready to try to acquire my own lightsaber. It seems to be an ideal tool for many circumstances, sort of like the ultimate swiss army knife. Not to mention it probaly comes in really useful during muggings and/or home invasions.

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