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Gencon event registration opens today

Last year it took around 8 hours of constantly hitting refresh before I got into the system to register. I'm worried it might actually be worse this time around. The IT guys really flubbed the hotel and badge registration earlier this year and turned it into a complete fiasco. Not exactly an event that inspires confidence. Anyway, the schedule's all done and I'm ready to go. This is how it should look if I get everything I wanted.

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Not being able to sleep last night, I spent some time with a rhyming dictionary and came up with the following:

T'was the night before event reg
and all through the world
all the geeks were a buzzing
with planned schedules unfurled

The plans had been made
the events all been checked
with start times and end times
to be sure all was correct

But deep in the heart
of every game geek
a dread filled with horror
would they go up shit creek?

The terrors before them
of what could go wrong
danced in devilish joy
chanting this song

It will be sold out or canceled
The system will crash or just die
maybe hackers and crackers
or system password deny

Will the IT guys falter
and lead us all to our doom
Could they mess up again
before you this looms

Feel fear for this horror
for you know it could be
There can be no way of knowing
or sure guarentee

But hope in the end
like sunlight in day
drives back the darkness
know not dismay

For you never can tell
and it might all go right
and together we'll laugh
at the fears of the night

One last parting remark
of advice you should hail
Those who take my event slots
get hit with my flail.

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