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Off to grandmother's house we go

So I'm here at my grandma's spending the night. My cousin and my uncle live with her but both happen to be out of town. The latter's back home in LA for the week visiting his family there and the former is in washington DC. His girlfriend's family, like 10 of them, flew in from hawaii to see her graduate. He took the week off of work and has been ferrying the crowd of them from place to place and it includes an overnight stay in DC. My sister ended up recruiting me to spend the night here and since I've got notta better to do at the moment, it works for me.

It might actually be better than being home quite frankly. At least here there's a tv nearby. I still haven't gotten the cable hooked up in my room so I've gone from having the tv on like 8+ hours a day to less than 15 minutes per on average. It's not like it's causing any particular hardship, but I got used to having cnn/msnbc/foxnews on at all hours creating background noise. I actually enjoy getting every bit of information about the political wrangling going on and I still have my fingers crossed that the repubs will push through the filibuster ban. Let the dems shut down the senate afterwards. I could farging care less. All I want is the judicial nominees pushed past and then for stevens, rennquist, o'connor to retire immediately. I'd also like to see ginsberg keel over from a heart attack or something but I'd settle for three retirements. We can find ourselves some young, healthy nominees that will hopefully sit on the bench for decades to come. Three new and young antonin scalia's would be nice. That is worth almost any price, even losing the midterm elections and control of the senate if that's what it costs. I only hope those wankers don't flake and screw it up.

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