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All good things....

It's not a trip to new orleans unless you have yourself a plate of oysters. I'm still not sure I've learned to fully appreciate them yet but I'm trying.

My last meal in New Orleans with a couple of friends. In case you're wondering...stuffed porkchop, potatos and cheese, and creamed spinach. Very very good.

We stopped at a church and I took a few pictures. I was very disapointed. There wasn't enough holy water in this basin to kill even the smallest vampire. I was expecting something the size of a small bathtub at the very least. This is going to drastically change my vampire attack contingency plan is this is common at all catholic churches.

It's nice to see that Saddam is serving as an object lesson. Better toe the line, biatch.

A giant sea mural next to the riverwalk mall near the convention center. It was pretty spiffy and had a wonderful food court though I never actually ate while I was there.

So that's everything. It's going to take me days yet to recover from this trip. I feel like i'm going to be sleep deprived until I croak. The last night there I had decided to check out of my hotel early and wander the streets until my 6am flight. I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

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