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So I'm still at my grandmother's place and a sort of terminal boredom is beginning to set in. My cousin's back from his little hiatus to washington with his girlfriend and her extended family a hour or two ago. I think I've exhausted just about everything there is to do just about, though I haven't turned on the tv yet while I've been here. I have however gone through just about every online news and newspaper link I could think of and read just about everything. I would pay for some new information about the filabuster fight or something else interesting but all the articles just seem to be clones of one another with nothing new at all. I even popped over to salon to see what the crazied dingbat hippies were up to. Whining and sniveling like cretins as usual, in case you were wondering. I read all the forums that I'm on, posted about trivial things to pass the time, read the book I brought, and even popped over to sissyfight to take a look around.

The only thing I haven't done is watched any tv. I used to have the tv on almost 24-7, tuned to some cable news channel if nothing else. It provided a nice background and occassionally there would be something interesting that I would actually pay attention to. I find that it's not something that's really necessary nor something I miss when it's gone. I am sorta disapointed I'm missing The Shield on fx, but if I ever really want to catch up I could always use bittorent and download the episodes.

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