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Blackened = Charcoal

Went to a mexican place today and ordered myself a blackened texas ribeye. Now I had always assumed that blackened meant mostly that it was spicy in a cajun sort of way. Apparently what it really does mean is taking a piece of meat and torturing it in an inferno until it resembles a chunk of charcoal. Disapointed dosen't begin to explain it. The thing was barely edible and I cannot for the life of me believe that people actually choose this 'style of cooking' (I use the term loosely at best. I don't see how leaving something on teh flame and forgetting about it until smoke fills the room and the smoke detectors have been screaming for 10 minutes plus somehow makes it a style of cooking) to subject to their food and then happily consume it. It was crap.

On top of it, I arrive home only to suffer stomach pains and various digestional problems for the rest of the day. Since it was the only thing I had eaten in like 12 hours, I figured I couldbe pretty sure what the culprit was. Sucktastic.

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