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Streaking and why it's bad

Don't you hate it when there are days or weeks when you have nothing you want to say in your journal. Whether this is due to lack of time or lack of topics or simply because you're sick to death of it and the world in general. Then you hit a point where there is content running out of control. You have interesting links, interesting stories, interesting photos...all piled on top of one another. You try to hold back, try to space it out because you don't want to glut the thing after such a period of dead air. It's too bad that this thing can't set up a system where you could make posts and it will dole them out for you one or two per day depending on how many you currently have in your queue. That would be a damn useful feature IMO. You could always add in daily relevant additions, but I think most of what I end up posting is rather time neutral, at least on a large scale. A day or two either way tends to make no real difference.

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