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Feh. Ebay Hijinx

Only I could run into problems with ebay without even a single auction ending yet. I put up some meat from kingdom of loathing for bid and before a single one of the auctions closed, I found that some fucknut had not only linked the pictures I was using in his own auction but had plagerized my description text VERBATIM. I mean, holy crap! As if it's not bad enough his influx of meat auctions would dive down the prices I would receive for mine but he's also stealing my bandwidth and my presentation. I can't figure out if he's just lazy/a thief or if he's trying some sort of scam to make his auctions look like mine so when he screws his customers, I got hit with some backlash because they thought we were the same person.

Just so you can compare and contrast:

This is my auction


This is one of his

I sent off a cease and desist letter (which was stupid) and set out to plan bloody vengence. I tried to alter my own item desciprtion so I could relink to new images and fill the old ones with a little surprise but couldn't. Turns out ebay dosen't let you alter the description once it has a bid on it. I fumed for a while and then figured I'd do it anyway. I have two auctions and he has three. When both are mine are over he still has over a day on the remaining two. I had images all set to go to replace on my hosting site and I was feeling quite good about it. Then he writes me a response and says he's sorry and won't do it again, blah blah blah. And of course, I just can't carry through when he's apologising. It sucks. In case you were wondering what I was going to link in those images, I'll put it behind the LJ cut.


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