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Utero the Destroyer is here!!!!

This might be a blast from the past for many of you and something new to others, but I finally got my Utero shirt in the mail today. I had said's been what, at least a year now, right? Well, I've said forever, ever since Anu drew the utero picture for me that I wanted it on a t-shirt. The holdup back then was that she was supposed to sketch something for the front of the shirt...another little panel with utero while her masterpiece graced the back. She no doubt had better things to do and I didn't want to hassle her about it and went on to other things myself.

I was looking over the images a week or so ago and decided that I really wanted to get the shirt made regardless and it was time to get moving on it. I was also interested in the quality of cafepress's shirts and whether they would be a good source to get other shirts made, like for gencon's SSOTWWTLM. So really it was a kill two birds with one stone sort of deal. Not only would I finally get something done that I had been putting off for forever and a day, but I would also get some valuable intel on how good the printing technology had gotten since I last payed attention. The last I heard, people were doing those iron-ons and making their own shirts which were sucktastic. I remmeber winning one of those from beef when she visited chicago and the darn thing start peeling that night without ever having been worn.

The user interface on cafepress was easy beyond belief. A few clicky clicks and the shirt was ready. It was also simplicity itself to put together a 'store' on there in case I wanted to buy myself additional shirts or a utero mug or something. The shop is here if you want to take a look. Happy happy, joy joy. It turns out that the shop has been there ever since I first spoke with Anu about wanting to have a shirt made. I just simply forgot all about it and cafepress never canceled it. When I went on there to get the thing put together, it was simplicity itself since it was all set up other than a few changes. I made a front panel out of anu's image, added some text at the bottom of it, and poof. It was all ready to go.

Image hosted by

This is the front of the shirt. A little panel with utero over the heart. I don't usually like shirts with large images on the front. It just dosen't seem right to have people staring at your front trying to read things off of you. It's better if they're staring at your back. It's less disconcerting. Sometimes there's just naught you can do about it but in this case where it's perfectly customizable, I decided to put the large image on the back.

Image hosted by

Here's the image on the back. It's a damn good size, ecpsecially considering that it's a large shirt to begin with. My estimate is that it's near 6 inches wide and 10-11 long. I'm happy with jsut about everything. I might have wished the colors were more vivid, but I think that's due to the gray shirt more than anything. If you look carefully, you can see that gray is not a uniform color like white or black. It's molted instead, leaving you dark and light patches. That seems to muck up the image slightly as it bleeds through a bit, meaning that colors aren't as crisp. Still, seeing as I hate white shirts and there is no way I'm going to buy a yellow or green or pink one, it's better than the other options.

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