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I forgot I clicked update journal a while back and then minimized the window. Now I can't recall what I had to say. I spent some time cleaning and reorganizing my apartment. I think I might have a slight problem with being a shopaholic. I've got tons of games, board and video, that I've never even opened and more piles up all the time. I really should find a group of people to play the board games with so that they get some use. I have:

Settlers of Catan + Expansion
Knights of Catan + Expansion
Seafarers of Catan + Expansion
Starfarers of Catan + Expansion
Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings Friends and Foes expansion
Lord of the Rings Sauron expansion
Lord of the Rings Risk
Axis and Allies Europe
Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magical Carrot + Expansion 1 and 2
Illuminati + Expansion
Munchkin + Expansion
Star Munchkin

Almost all of which I haven't even played once. That dosen't even begin to sum up the number of video games I've never played but have stacked around. If I ever decide to retire and play those games full time it'd take me years to finish it all.

So who wants to play games with me?

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